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The only business process management solution for kitchen and bath designers by the leading provider of interior design software.
2020 Manager is only available for purchase as an add-on to 2020 Design Live.

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Business Process Management Made Simple

Manage your business processes and customer interactions in an all-in-one, browser-based and user-friendly application, directly integrated with 2020 Design Live.

Central hub Business process management tool 2020 Manager

Central Hub

The data you need is always within reach.

Access a cloud-based central data hub for your entire team via your computer or tablet device. Effortlessly manage prospects, customers, designs, quotes, contracts, team activities, and other documents on the go. No more searching, no more misplaced information.

Visibility and Control

Gain an all-in-one view of your entire operation.

Oversee and organize employee tasks, goals, responsibilities, performance, and activities. Offer centralized workflow dashboards for your team members. Keep your business on track, employees on task, and your calendar synced with superior business process management tools.

Visibility & Control Business process management tool 2020 Manager
Configured to Your Business - Business process management tool 2020 Manager

Configured to Your Business

Close sales with accuracy and efficiency.

Meet your individual business needs with a predefined but configurable solution to guide your team throughout the customer journey, from prospect to contract. Access and manage surveys, quotes, and reports to gain automated insight into consumer behavior and needs.

Integrated with Our Software

Get organized – and optimized.

Our business process management software connects seamlessly with 2020 Design Live, providing an optimized transfer of design information and pricing to minimize errors and streamline your workflow.

Integrated with Our Software - Business process management tool 2020 Manager

Discover what 2020 Manager can do for your business


  • Access a database of contacts and integrated scheduling
  • Configure your business processes and define tasks by sale stage
  • Keep all designs and quotes in a centralized location

Team Productivity

  • Get visibility on team tasks and activities
  • Manage roles and permissions
  • Create a checklist of tasks


  • Browser-based application
  • Login anywhere, anytime
  • Integrates with 2020 Design Live


  • Create a dashboard for the sales funnel
  • Manage the sales funnel from beginning to end
  • Get a guided flow for your sales process

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