2020 Manufacturing Solutions

Strike the perfect balance between flexibility and functionality with our manufacturing software that’s specifically designed for cabinet, furniture, architectural millwork and other wood product manufacturers. Create a seamless flow of information across your organization to better coordinate and optimize every step of your operations. Put our years of industry experience to work for you.
2020 Manufacturing Solutions

Operate from a single source of data

From point of sale to time of installation, you'll use the same data set in a seamless information flow. Rich, accurate order data is used as a foundation to automatically create detailed manufacturing & supply chain data while eliminating redundant data entry and associated errors.
Operate from a single source of data with 2020 Manufacturing Solutions
 Get the agility you need to succeed with 2020 Manufacturing Solutions

Get the agility you need to succeed

Roll all your software needs into one flexible platform that delivers the agility you need to make good decisions fast, and make changes even faster. From launching new products to re-routing manufacturing operations on the fly, you'll have the visibility and control to do what's necessary in the moment.

Deliver the right information to the right people at the right time

Everyone along the supply chain needs their own set of specific information. With our system, you can deliver what's needed where & when—from order detail to cutlists, engineering drawings to picklists and C-level reports to CNC code.
Deliver the right information with 2020 Manufacturing Solutions
Automate optimization & machine integration with 2020 Manufacturing Solutions

Automate optimization & machine integration

Optimize materials for panel saws and routers and deliver machine-specific code to CNC machining centers to save time and labor, minimize material waste and maximize yield. In addition, seamlessly generate and distribute CNC programs for multiple machines including integrated machine lines, point-to-points, routers and edgebanders—eliminating the need for manual programming, even when you need to switch machines unexpectedly.

Which manufacturing solution is right for me?

2020 Insight
  • Industry-specific ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solution for cabinet, furniture, and architectural millwork manufacturers
  • Includes MES system (Manufacturing Execution System), Materials & Supply Chain Management, Warehouse Management and Business Intelligence
  • Includes graphical order entry, a flexible engineering tool, panel & router optimization, and CNC machine integration
  • Plan and schedule production, shipping, delivery, and installation
  • Integrate operational manufacturing data into financial and customer management system
  • Designed for mid to large companies with more than 30 employees looking for an end-to-end solution or to integrate to an existing ERP
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2020 Maker
  • Single integrated solution to design, sell and produce
  • Developed specifically for cabinet makers, carpenters and joiners
  • Parametric catalog content and engineering tools
  • Provides efficiencies in designing, cutting and assembling
  • Includes powerful design tool and high-quality renderings
  • Pricing Configuration
  • Ideal for companies with less than 30 employees
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