2020 Design Live webinar series

Build Your Design & Remodeling Business via Social Media

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2020 Design Live webinar series

2020 Design Live Webinar Series

How do you leverage social media to improve your business? How can social media generate more leads for you? How do you build an online presence? This webinar series tackles these types of questions and so much more. Whether you are newbie on social media or an expert, we have tips for everyone in this series. Plus, we have included a bonus track on how your website can influence your design and remodeling business.

  • Alyssa Greve

    New Rules in Social Media

    Alyssa Greve from Cambria

    Learn how to stay on top of the latest information in your industry, use digital tools to help create an efficient workflow, and understand how to take advantage of organic social to the best of its ability.

  • Mike Claudio

    How You Should Be Using Social Media

    Mike Claudio from WinRate Consulting

    Content is king! Discover how you can leverage Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn to tell the story you want to represent your brand.

  • Mark Harari

    Website Punch List! Blue Tape Walkthrough of Your Website

    Mark Harari from Remodelers Advantage

    Join Mark and his roll of blue tape as he finds the good, the bad and the ugly of attendees’ websites. In this webinar, you will gain a clear, useful understanding of marketing best practices that will help you generate qualified leads.

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